New evaluation of the Power Quality program

              ARESEP, CELEQ and the Electric Engineering School work together to evaluate the quality of Energy of eight companies in Costa Rica. 

Tuesday August 11th, 2015. ARESEP. With great enthusiasm CETSA.SA would like to congratulate ARESEP, CELEC and the Electric Engineering School for the begining of the project that has the purpose of evaluate the service of power quality that eight differente companies distribute in Costa Rican homes and industries.

This project has as final purpose leave the traditional evaluation, switching to a modern evaluation that integrates not only rates but quality of the electric service.

The main idea is to demand the companies that give the service of electric distribution, some kind of corrective measures in necesary cases, estimate the reasonableness of their invest costs, looking to generate best results for the different types of users residential, commercial and industrial.

CETSA S.A. supports this type of projects in the effort for improve the quality of energy, we are proud of being part of this project, and make our contribution in this great iniciative for Costa Rica. We wish great success to all of the members of this project.

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